IT-Services Instructions and FAQ

Instructions for Microsoft Teams

Working online in groups is easy and effective using Microsoft Teams. Approval of data transfer to Microsoft is required for use of Teams as it is a part of Office 365.


Teams created in the program can be used for discussions, sharing files, editing documents simultaneously etc. Different areas of team work can be split into channels inside a team, which makes keeping track of discussions and files in a specific topic easy for all users. 


Teams is available for both students and staff. Teams can also be created for use across organisations (an Office 365 account is require for all team members). 

How to install Teams

Download and install Microsoft Teams from Microsoft's website:

Installing Teams does not require administrator rights for your computer.

After the install log in to Teams with your University of Vaasa user account:

You can use Teams also directly from a browser via the Office 365 -portal. You can also use Teams on your mobile device, apps for both iOS and Android are available.

Creating a Team

  1. Click on the Teams icon from menu on the left hand side of the program window
  2. Click on Join or create a team at the bottom om the listing of teams
  3. Choose Create a team
  4. Choose the type of team you want to create
    For teaching purposes Classes is the preferred choice, Anyone suits most other needs. The types differ mostly in which tools are available by default and how the team is managed, see further details on the Microsoft website.

Inviting members

  1. Choose  Manage team from the team menu. Acces the team menu by clicking the... -icon.
  2. Click on the Add member button
  3. Search for the user you want to add and click on the Add button
    Members outside the University of Vaasa are added using their email address, please verify the email format the member's organisation are using with Office 365 with the member.

If you want to join a team hosted by another organisation, you must be invited using the following email format:

Do NOT instruct invitations to be sent to you using firstname.lastname format.


Every team can have several channels to organize groupwork under different topics. 

Create a new channel to your team:

  1. Click the...icon on the team you want to add the channel on and choose Add channel from the menu
  2. Type the name of your channel to Channel name and click the Add button


Each channel has tabs for different types of actions that can be performed on a channel. There is Conversations tab for discussions and Files tab for shred documents etc. More tabs for many different types of actions can be added with the + icon on the row with tabs.  


Further instructions

More information and instructions for Teams can be found on the Microsoft website: