IT-Services Instructions and FAQ

For Students

Printing in Eduroam network

Step 1: Open browser and go to to logon to Papercut.

Step 2: Add Exception (with Firefox-browser)

If your browser give notification about unsecure connection, please choose "Advanced" and the "Add Exception...".


Step 3: Add Security Exception

In "Add Security Exception" window, choose "Get Certificate" and then "Confirm Security Exception".

Step 4: Web Print

In PapercutNG application, choose "Web Print" and then "Submit a Job".


Step 5: Available Printers

Now tou can see all available printer and their locations.

Select the printer you wish use and proceed to print via "Print Options and Account Selection".



Step 6: Upload document

Via "Upload Documents" you can browse printable document(s) from your device.


Step 7: Print Document

You can select documents to upload for print by dragging files in to area ("Drag files here") or by browsing them from you device by using "Upload from computer" button.


Start printing process by pressing "Upload & Complete".