IT-Services Instructions and FAQ

For Students

Student room booking in Outlook

Start by going to

Sign in with your student account


First you will see email in the outlook. Click "kalenteri" button or "calendar" button to move to calendars.

Press "Uusi tapahtuma" or "New appointment"

Write a name for your appointment in "Tapahtuma" and click "Lisää huone" or "Add room"

Select student rooms from the list "Tervahovi students"

After this you will see two rooms students can book select one of them. You can also see in the quick view in the end if the room is free or "vapaa"

To make sure the room is free click "Ajoitustoiminto".

Here you can change the start time in "aloitusaika" and duration "kesto" and change the room in the bottom and add more people to the booking from "osallistuja". On the right side you can see the room that it is free in this case. When everything is the way you want click OK.

Then click "lähetä" or Send

You will get email shortly from the system saying that booking is "Hyväksytty" or accepted or "hylätty" declined and reason why.