IT-Services Instructions and FAQ

MFA Authentication in Microsoft Services

With MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) logging into Microsoft services is made more secure. A mobile device is needed to log in with MFA in addition to the usual username/password combination. A verification is made on the mobile device using the Microsoft Authenticator app or with a text message code.


Microsoft services "remember" your login details if you haven't explicitly logged out of the app, so with an app like Teams you do not have to authenticate using MFA every time you use the app. So MFA authentication is usually needed only after you have logged out from an app - most often because the browser has been closed or when the specific app hasn't been used in a while.


Note! You can not log in to Microsoft services without your mobile device (effective from Nov 30th 2020).

Start using MFA

You need both your computer and your mobile device to start using MFA authentication.


See Microsoft's video on how you register for MFA:

1. Download the Microsoft Authenticator app from Google Play or App Store

2. Log in to the MFA registering portal:

Use your the following format of your University of Vaasa username and password for logging in: (staff) or (students).

3. Choose Mobile App from the How should we contact you dropdown menu

4. Choose Receive notifications for verification from the How do you want to use the mobile app dropdown menu and click Set up

5. Open Microsoft Authenticator on you mobile device and choose Add 

Choose Work or school account

6. Scan the QR code from your computer screen

When the scan is ready press Next. If the scan is unsuccesful press the Or enter Code manually link on your mobile deviceand add the required code and link manually.

7. Choose Approve when the Approve sign-in popup appears on your mobile device  

This is how Microsoft verifies the app is working with MFA. A similar popup notification will appear every time when you log in using MFA.

8. Finally on your computer, add your mobile phone number. First choose the country code Finland (+358)

Leave out the first zero (0) from your phone number. You can use the number for your work phone (i.e. +358 29 429 XXXX) and/or your personal mobile number. 

9. Click Done

You are all set! 


After registering you will be prompted for MFA authentication with either the Microsoft Authenticator app or with a text message code each time you log in to Microsoft services. You can change the authentication method to your liking in MFA settings: .

We strongly suggest to add another phone number in MFA settings which enables you to authenticate using whichever phone you like, even a personal one. This helps a great deal if your work phone should be lost or broken.


Note! You can not login to Microsoft services without your mobile device.