IT-Services Instructions and FAQ

MFA Authentication in Microsoft Services

With MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) logging into Microsoft services is made more secure. A mobile device is needed to log in with MFA in addition to the usual username/password combination. A verification is made on the mobile device using the Microsoft Authenticator app or with a text message code.


Microsoft services "remember" your login details if you haven't explicitly logged out of the app, so with an app like Teams you do not have to authenticate using MFA every time you use the app. So MFA authentication is usually needed only after you have logged out from an app - most often because the browser has been closed or when the specific app hasn't been used in a while.


Note! You can not log in to Microsoft services without your mobile device (effective from Nov 30th 2020).

Start using MFA

1. Open a internet browser on your computer and go to the following link

2. Insert your account to the Microsoft login screen. After that, you will be redirected to the university’s login screen.

3. Select “Next” form opening window.

4. Select “Next”.

5. Select “Next”.

6. Now open your mobile phone and install “Microsoft Authenticator” from App Store or Google Play, depending on the operating system installed on your phone.

7. After the installation is completed on your mobile phone, please open the Microsoft Authenticator and select the action “Scan a QR code”.

8. Now scan the QR code from the window, which was opened after the fifth step. Then proceed by selecting “Next”.

9. Now the system will test the Microsoft Authenticator on your phone.

10. Open the Authenticator on your mobile phone and select “Approve”.

11. Proceed by selecting “Next”.

12. On the opening window, you get the confirmation about what sign-in method is selected as your default. Now you can logout from the top-right corner menu by selecting “Sign out”.