IT-Services Instructions and FAQ

For Personnel

Outlook Web App basics

Outlook Web App email is located at:

The user name and password for Outlook Web App are the same you use when logging on to the computers on campus.

Main view

  1. A new mail message
    Opens a compose window with function buttons on top

  2. Folders and unread messages are marked with bold typeface.
  3. Delete-button differs from old version of Outlook
    Delete moves the selected message to a folder named Deleted Items.
  4. Different views show you your mail, your calendar etc.
  5. Answering a message, forwarding a message and additional options
  6. Settings, ie. away message and profile image
  7. Help pages for detailed instructions can be found clicking the question mark

Logging out
Click on your name and choose Sign out from the dropdown to log out from Outlook Web App.

Further instructions / Microsoft